Feel Free

by Clast

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released March 1, 2016

Tom Mackerness, Kelly Edward Berger, & Fiona Pulskamp.
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Ferreira
Golden Grove lyrics by Alex Bramblett
Art by K.E. Berger & Jasmin Westmucket



all rights reserved


Clast Sacramento, California

Clast is a duo from Sacramento and Oklahoma City, Their music is a collective effort grown from a long lost friendship rekindled from across the country. Clast explores community, loss, purpose, and confronts the alienation of living inauthentic lives; only to reemerge with renewed vision. This is music out of necessity. Clast is here to stay. ... more

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Track Name: Flychter
Arms spread out
Palms to the ground
Barely to the clouds
But I can see you now

Smiling in the clear
Out in the open air
The hounds off the leash
Watch them running free

It’s okay to say
We don’t know the way
The waves crash and break
Or how many they’ll take
Track Name: Down River
The hawk and the hummingbird
I saw you hanging out
The tree had no leaves
And you were looking back at me!

I’m looking back again
And you’re looking back at me
We need our spirit renewed
To be free
Spirit renewed

The crow and the seagull
Fight in the sunset light
Red ants and the fog fall
In natures lap

Down River
I swear we were

Maybe this is a reflection
Of what’s to come
Spirits renew
Spirits renew
To be free
We’re in the city again
Spirits renew
To be free
Spirits renewed
Set me free
Track Name: Locus of Control
It wasn’t time
You weren’t in the right mind
It wasn’t the right time
What else could I say?
It doesn’t matter
Cause you don’t remember
Maybe we can piece it together
It was good though
We talked about it
Maybe it’s just not the right time
Time to rest
It’s time to rest

It wasn’t the right time
I was out of mind
I wasn’t there
It was somebody else in my skin
Track Name: Well for Good
Through the Mission
Down to the Fillmore
Never made it out
To the seashore

Buried underground
All you do is dig
But people are living on
The other side of the bridge

Get well for good
I know you can
For good
Get well
For you

Drove to Midtown
Found me at Fremont
You told me the truth
We couldn’t go on

Get well for good
I know you can
For good
Get well
For you
Track Name: Driven by Forms
I wasn't gonna work things out
I do what I can when I have to
I wasn't gonna work things out
There's just so much I have to remember
And that's life, I understand this

it's a two way street

Transfer me under the sun

I wasn't gonna do what you want
And you seem to take issue with what I'm gonna do
And my solution was just to change my belief
Who deserves it more than me?

A rope to wander on
For us to hold onto
Don't you know we all are learning

it's a two way street
Track Name: Hour 73
In and out of sleep, 
for days 1,2,3

Every face I know, 
parade in a row

Familiar sounds; the week is out

Neighbors, the sun; I miss everyone

Entered the forest
where it was darkest

To know the path
was yet uncharted

But I got lonesome, broken and cold

I will heed your call, time to come home

It's now hour seventy three

For a moment, so brief

Feel the wind against skin

The light so magnificent

It gets easier

It gets easier
Track Name: Back Out
It all surrounds you
In and around you
A call comes through
From without, a rescue

Call out to me
Before you leave
Down the road
We both know
Holds nothing
New or beautiful

Come home
Come on home
It's open and warm
On the other shore

It all surrounds you
In and around you
A call comes through
From within, a rescue

Call out to me
Before you leave
Down the road
We both know
Holds nothing
New or beautiful

Come home
Come on home
It's open and warm
On the other shore
Track Name: Golden Grove (Heal You)
This satellite song trial
Been blinking for a while
And no one’s coming home
I wash my shoelaces
And count my pennies too

Heal you
Heal you
Come on
Heal you

The keyboard’s quiet
And the curses roll
Back In New Orleans
How I was a fool
I thought about you
Like you were brand new
But your not you're old
And I have been thinking

Heal you
Heal you
Come on
Heal you
Track Name: Cost Ills
A struggle to breathe
The sea is too beast-like
Conscious, so conscious
beneath each line

Just don't want an elusion
Don’t want illusions (do you?)
See the set up, and we get it
Just enough to keep us

When I stop
And go outside
Then I see
Some humanity

Pursuing the wrong thing
The wrong dream
We want our own thing
Our own dream

Object-Process-You & Me-Community

We angle to reach
From deep in the di-vide
Constant, so constant
We need free time
Aims and trades
Could coincide
Then we’d be
A community

Pursuing our own thing
Our own dreams
Beyond your own thing
Our own dreams
Track Name: Wasteland
You and I know
What the world owes
It’s up to us

We were turning
Old and cold and unloving
We were turning
We’re returning
From being lost and cold
And not understood

You and I owe
Must explain it to them

We were turning old and under
We were giving everything
to make the best for everyone
Returning with compassion
That once was so strong
We are returning

You and I owe
What the world knows
It’s up to us

Earth divers returned
Dark waters drained to nightfall
Many chose themselves
They plunged into isolation
Cast themselves the garden
Exiles died from avarice
Out of death comes new life
Returning to the surface
Prepared for sacrifice
Born through all we give

Life's meaning is not given
Our actions give our lives meaning
We are turning to mercy and compassion
For what is just and equal
A chance to find freedom
For ourselves, for our community
For all of humanity

I am ready now
It starts with each of us
Track Name: Please Be Real
Can move you
You believe it to
Can move you
You act so hard to be this sad
The rich keep getting really sure you'll stay
Rich keep getting really sure you’re still around

I love to bring the open heart
Please be clear uh huh!
Please be clear
It and I am well I thought

Run through you
Human needs - come true
Right through you
Blood-red hearts now seize their chance
Pure are lifting building toward a break
Pure uplifting pulling for us to get out

We have to land in an open field
Please be real oh huh
Please be real
You and I are real I know
Track Name: Feel Free
Bet you can
Be with me
Feel free too
For me
If you share
This with me
Ill be ready
Swim across
The lake with me
I dream it is the way
It should be
It is what you
Must do with me

This aint no tiny victory
I want you to feel free with me
It is the timeless mystery
A light that you and I can see
This aint no tiny victory
We’ve got to live life free